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Energy audit graph

Monitoring data for an electrical energy audit

Energy Analysis—we have saved tens of thousands of dollars for existing and planned buildings.

Benefit from our constant search for quality, energy efficient products. You’ll get skilled, experienced people. Our Master Electrician  has helped the Ontario Electrical League and Hydro One, school boards, and many others save energy. Our Energy Systems Engineering Technologist reports energy audits and designs solar installs. People rave about our electricians.

COMPLETE SOLAR SOLUTIONS – Photovoltaic System Design. – PV System Integration – Installation and Commissioning – Maintenance – Testing and Evaluation
ENERGY ANALYSIS – Residential – Commercial – Industrial

YOU’LL LOVE OUR ENVIRONMENTAL CONSCIOUSNESS Not only do we select systems that will save you energy, but you can rest easy knowing that we use the 3 R’s—reduce, reuse, recycle. Back home, we carefully sort any scrap from our jobs to send them to the correct waste or recycling stream.

Smart electrical work geared to saving customers’ energy dollars