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Residential electrical work that saves your energy dollars has been our focus for decades

Custom/Smart Homes – Renovations – Service Upgrades – Knob and Tube – Emergency Services – We do it all!

Get paid by¬†Hydro One—add solar panels. We have customers who love watching money flow into their bank accounts because of their solar panels. Other customers run parts of their electrical system from their solar panels. Join in!

Customize your lighting. With all the latest energy saving technology, lighting no longer is a large part of your energy bill. Since the 1970’s, we’ve been helping customers and other contractors use lower energy solutions to their electrical lighting needs.

Control your lights, heat, blinds and more from your phone. Turn your house into a Smart House. From your phone, turn on lights, open or close blinds, change thermostats or home security cameras.

Hydro bill too high? We can help. By checking your energy use for 2 weeks, we can help you decide where to put your efforts in reducing your Hydro bill. Find out what changes will give you the best returns for your expenditures.

Insurance not happy with your electrical—we can help. Getting rid of knob and tube or aluminum isn’t always necessary. We’ve found some workarounds to save our customers money.

Hate when the power goes out? Not only inconvenient, it can be costly to lose food when your freezer or fridge stops working during a power outage. Don’t get us started about coffee makers not working! We can set up generator solutions to ensure you can get your caffeine fix in the morning and watch your favorite episodes in the evening.

Need a panel upgrade? We do it economically. Many of our real estate broker customers recommend us to their clients, often to update electrical services to optimize your selling price.