I have called Enersmart for decades for electrical work and energy work for my own place and for large and small scale construction projects that I have been the general for. I would not call anyone else, as I know that I will get excellent work for my clients, a fair price, and a person that I can really count on. As well as for custom homes and other larger contracts, Ron was the electrical contractor on an off-grid yoga retreat with a propane generator, wind generator, solar voltaic panels and many other environmentally friendly features.-Henry Wiersma, Owner, Unique Construction
I am pleased to write this letter in recommendation of Enersmart both as an electrical contractor / energy analyst and as a solar panel contractor. I had the pleasure of working with Ron Joice and his staff several times over the past decade. I can recommend them highly and without reservation. In all the work that Enersmart has done for my business, Mr. Joice was a consummate professional. He was open and generally accurate in costing projects and assessing their timeframes.-Ian Graham, B.Comm., M.B.A., Owner, Old 99 Farm


Smart Home

Smart Home—wiring a home so that the owner can control everything—lights, thermostat, home security cameras, blinds and more—from his phone!

Swimming Pool wiring on Hamilton Mountain

From hole in the ground to landscaped staycation area by next month!

Residential Solar Application

Since the Ontario government has re-opened applications, we’ve just submitted a residential application for a home in Burlington. Not long until the homeowners have money trickling into their bank account 🙂